Website Construction & Hosting

Strategic Mapping and Data Services LLC offers website construction and hosting.  Our specialty is agriculture, and our website construction and hosting is centered around agricultural venues. However some of the website we have constructed and host are not agriculture related and from these non-agricultural websites we have gleaned additional techniques useful in agriculture.  We also use Google Sitemaps to inform Google's crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your web pages as just one of the many ways to get your site noticed on the world-wide-web.

We are more than happy to work with you to create a web suited to your needs. 

Complete Hosting Includes:  

  1. Basic template. 

  2. Once a month changes to “specials” and “store hours” pages, or similar pages

  3. Weekly broadcasting of the website to search engines

  4. Registration of domain name for the dealership (property of our client)

  5. On-line Web Visitor reports (Google Analytics) and monthly prepared web ranking reports emailed

  6. 7/24 hosting on our equipment

$750 (US) first year 

$500 (US)  annually (billable at $42(US)/mo) (to pay-online, click here)

 A sampling of some websites that we have constructed, promote and/or host:

Advanced Auto Service


African Legacy Unlimited
African Legacy Unlimited Publishers
A Moose on the Loose
Animal Makeover
Animal Nibbles
Arizona Country Store
Augusta Brewing Company
Benchmark Awards Company www.benchmarkawards,com
Boy Scout Troop 680
Boy Scout Troop 813
Central Elevator Inc.
Cleanup Buddy
Cookies for Pets
Country Depot
Creative Retail Solutions
Dairy Conferences
Dains Delivery Inc

Dutch Horses Unlimited

East Gate Feed
Earth and Wheel
Exhibitor Show Services
Farm Store Conferences
Feed Barn Store
Feed Dealer

Format International, Inc.

Gateway Metal Products
Hazmat Buddy
Hazmat Helper
Halloween Views
Holiday Views

Judy Stasiak
Lab Spill
L. E. Gatcombe
Messy Mechanic
Midwest Machinery Company
Midwest Outlaws 
Mishap Cleanup
Moose are Loose
National Dairy Industry Conference
National Pork Industry Conference
Oil Slick Cleanup
Priority One Business Solutions Inc.
Retake the Senate
Roy Frey Western

Sample Feed Dealer Site

Spill Network
Spill Pickup
Spill Police
Spill Sheriff
Square  One Brewery
St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf

Strategic Mapping & Data Services LLC

Tax Later

Dr. Tinna King M.D.

Upright Inc.

Visitation Academy
Waiting Room thoughts
Water Cleanup Buddy
WYK Sorbents
Your Animal Makeover
Your Better Animals
Wild Horse Landscaping
Wordscapes LLC
21st Century Beef Club
21stCentury Corn Club
21stCentury Cotton Club
21st Century Dairy Club
21st Century Horse Club
21st Century Pork Club
21st Century Wheat Club

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