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Strategic Mapping and Data Services  provide  to its customers and other interested parties  training aids and documentation at no charge.  In order to receive this information you need to complete the request form provided below.  Please be sure to indicate your complete name, postal address and e-mail address (Required!). Each required field is indicated by a  star *

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Maps & Map Reading 1.0

A collection of articles on how to use a compass, read a map and use the map and compass to navigate.  Additionally a Computer Based Training program is provided to test the users skills.  Very good for Boy Scout training. Provided on a CD.
Basic Demographic Terminology Booklet 

A description of the terminology used in mapping and demographic work.  Very useful reference when reviewing reports and maps  produced by SM&DS.  Provided as a color, spiral bound booklet.
Image Viewing Software 

Two different shareware image view software packages are included on a CD along with an installable copy of the dlgv32 pro digital raster graphic (DRG) viewing software provided from the USGS.  This is the same CD that is included with all order of DRG's.  All of the software is provided on a a CD
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