Demographic Profiles

We provide demographic information at the following geographic levels:

Zip Code (3 and 5 digit)
Custom Geographic Area

Our demographic data comes from a variety of sources, including CACI, Right Site, USDA, U.S. Census, and other agriculture specific databases.  Listed below are some sample reports from the various data sources, including some SM&DS custom reports & maps

CACI Reports State Level
  County Level
  Zip Code Level
  Market Profile
  Trend Profile
  Age & Income Profile
  Demographic & Income
  Site Facts
  Retail Profile
  Traffic Profile
  Shopping Center Report
Right Site Reports Total Zip Code Level Report (18 Pages)
  Zip Code Level Summary
  Zip Code Level General Population
  Zip Code Level Age by Sex, Race & Ethnicity
  Zip Code  Level Detailed Income
  Zip Code Level Owner Renter Occupied Households
  Zip Code Level Education
  Zip Code Level Employment and Industry
  Zip Code Level Quality of Life
  Zip Code Level Miscellaneous Data
  Zip Code Business Profile
  Zip Code Level Personal Data
Custom Reports Detailed Zip Code Level Report
SATURN Report - ZipCode List
SATURN Report - Market Report
SATURN Report - SPI Report
SATURN Report - PPI Report
SATURN Report - USDA Census
SATURN Report - Market Report (County)
SATURN Report - USDA Census (County)
Custom Maps USDA Cattle Population (1997 census)
USDA Acres in Corn (1997 census)
USDA Farms (1997 census)
USDA Harvested Cropland (1997 census)
USDA Hog Population (1997 census)
USDA Market Value of Crops Sold (1997 census)
USDA Poultry Sold (1997 census)
USDA Production Expenses (1997 census)

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